Enterprise Functionality Now Available!

Exciting New Update from Brightmetrics™


We're thrilled to let you know that Enterprise functionality is now available in Brightmetrics! What does that mean? With Brightmetrics Enterprise you get:


1. Roles-Based Permissions & Data Views: Customizable permissions that allow you to grant access to data, dashboards, reports, etc. at the user level


2. Bulk User Import: Importing users is as simple as uploading a spreadsheet


3. Single Sign-On (SSO): Control access to your data, reduce password fatigue, and allow for an easy login experience 


4. Advanced Audit Logs: Admins can now understand user behavior in Brightmetrics - what reports and dashboards are being viewed, edited, published, and exported by each user


5. API Report Access: Access to Brightmetrics API for advanced analytics - this feature is especially useful for customers using Tableau, Power BI, or other business intelligence tools

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