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Brightmetrics™ Agent Balanced Scorecard

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Brightmetrics, the leading analytics solution for Genesys Cloud, now

offers an Agent Balanced Scorecard 

"When it came to building and managing a balanced scorecard, what had previously taken several hours a week of manual work in an Excel spreadsheet is now automated within Brightmetrics."

- Henry Svendblad, CTO Company Nurse

With customized options from Brightmetrics Agent Balanced Scorecard you can set clear and quantifiable agent performance standards which will lead to efficient contact center operations, saving you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars returned to your bottom line.

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30-Day Free Trial

Why Use Agent Scorecards?

Improved Performance

  • Efficient contact center operations

Improved Agent Satisfaction

  • Clear and quantifiable performance standards 

Improved Customer Experience

  • Satisfied agents are highly correlated to satisfied customers
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Empirical research from our friends at MetricNet correlate Engagement, Agent Satisfaction, and Customer Satisfaction:

"Clear and quantifiable agent performance standards also have a positive impact on job satisfaction"

Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

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